1. Hotel Pankrac Prague
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Address: Na Pankraci 1597/76, 140 00, Nusle

The Pankrac hotel is located in a quiet part of Prague 4 district ­ Pankrac. It is about 3 minutes by walk to the Metro (subway) stop "Prazskeho Povstani". The city centre is easily accessible by Metro; the Wenceslas Square is about 10 minutes away. The new, modern equipped Pankrac hotel, offers 22 double rooms; extra...

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  1. Hotel Pauliny Prague

Address: Horackova 1096/3, 140 00, Pankrac

Hotel Paulíny is a modern accommodation and boarding facility in operation all year round. It was opened in 1992 and, thanks to its facilities as well as the extent and level of services provided, it was included by an official rating in the three­star hotel category. Our guests have at their disposal a hotel restaurant,...