1. Hotel Ronni Prague

Address: Rostovska 39, 101 00, Vrsovice


  1. Hotel Strizkov Prague

Address: Lovosicka 42/439, 190 00, Strizkov

Hotel Strizkov offers accommodation for 42 guests (in some time periods placing of larger groups possible) in newly furnished double/twin rooms with private bathrooms or possibly with a TV. The hotel has its own parking site watched nonstop by camera system, the guests are welcome to use hotel services such as free internet. You can...


  1. Hotel Liben Prague

Address: U Meteoru 29/37, 180 00, Liben

We are the facility of Sport Club Meteor Prague. Our Hotel is placed direct in it's sports center in Prague ­ Liben in a very quite place neighbouring Thomayer Park. The hotel is equipped with enough parking places near it's building. In the restaurant placed in opposite building boarding all the day is secured. The city...