1. Hotel Top Prague
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Address: Blazimska 1781/4, 149 00, Chodov

TOP HOTEL Praha, the member of the TOP HOTELS GROUP, is located within a quiet area of the Prague 4 city district. Entire hotel complex extends around the vast greenery and it belongs to the largest hotel premises in Europe with its area of 9 hectares (22 acres) and with its capacity. Under...

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  1. Hotel Tatran Prague

Address: Sibeliova 2/368, 162 00, Stresovice

The hotel offers accommodation in double, triple and 4­bedded rooms, 36 beds altogether. The rooms are newly furnished, all have private bathrooms and TV. You can also get accommodation in three apartments with beautiful view of the city.

The Kupa

  1. Hotel The Kupa Prague

Address: Kupeckeho 842, 149 00, Haje