1. Hotel U Zlate Podkovy Prague
By renting a suite in Hotel U Zlaté Podkovy you will obtain top­class accommodation in a homely atmosphere, in the peaceful Nerudova Street. Spacious suites have undergone complete reconstruction and they are furnished very tastefully and practically. All rooms have their own sanitary facilities ­ a WC and a shower bath, a satellite TV including Russian channels, an equipped kitchen with utensils including a microwave oven, a kettle, a stove or a double cooker, in C1 + C2 suites there is also a dishwasher. Everyday cleaning is a commonplace.
Nerudova 34/220, 118 00, Mala Strana
Malá Strana, Staré Mesto, Nové Mesto
(+42) 02 57 53 14 97
(+42) 02 57 53 14 97

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