1. Hotel U Sv Jana Prague
Prague hotel U Sv. Jana is a hotel of garni category and provides an unusual opportunity of romantic accommodation with mystic atmosphere in the building originally used as a vicarage of the Church of St. John on the Rock. The building was built by architect A. Wiehl in neobaroque style in 1902 and is situated below the church. The hotel is imbedded in the old time garden within walking distance of the historical centre of Prague, close to the metro and tram staion. In the vicinity of the hotel there is the "Faust House" which is famous for the old Prague tale and poem of J. W. Goethe about Dr. Faust and Mefistoteles.
Vysehradska 28, 128 00, Nove Mesto
(+42) 02 24 91 17 89
(+42) 02 24 91 18 64

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