1. Hotel Dum Prague
DUM hotel is situated in the side strip of the Capital City of Prague ­ in a peaceful city part of Modřany with a good and fast traffic connection with the historical center of the city using a public transportation. Nearby there are several forest parks. With regards to its location and the arrangement of rooms as suites is suitable both for accommodation of tour travelers within the frame of an organized group tourism and also for the needs of the individual private and business clients. The design of the rooms is suitable also for the accommodation of parents with the children.
Kutilova 3061, 143 00, Modrany
Braník, Podolí, Lhotka, Hodkovicky, Pankrác, Budejovická
(+42) 02 41 09 80 00
(+42) 02 44 40 14 95

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